Purdue Swimming

Facilities & Directions


The Morgan J. Burke Aquatic Center, which opened in August of 2001, has elevated Purdue swimming and diving facilities to a level equal to the finest in the nation. While serving as home to the men's and women's swimming & diving programs, the facility also provides a home for all recreational and educational swimming on the West Lafayette campus. Careful scheduling and use of moveable bulkheads allow multiple and simultaneous uses of the Holloway Pool and the diving well. The facility, located just west of the France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center near the intersection of Stadium Avenue and Martin Jischke Drive, is a cooperative effort involving Purdue Athletics, the Division of Recreational Sports, and the Department of Health, Kinesiology and Leisure Studies. Originally the Boilermaker Aquatic Center, the facility was renamed May 5, 2017, in honor of Morgan Burke, Purdue's longtime vice president and athletics director, who also was a Boilermaker swimmer and swim team captain.